RV Tires President Tim West

Our company was founded by an RV enthusiast. While working within the industry of roadside assistance,Tim West,started to take note of all the things in the industry that didn’t seem quite right. As his career continued to successfully build, so did his knowledge of RV Tires, the RV lifestyle and the product of tires. With his early background in the towing industry as an owner of a successful chain of businesses, Tim’s quest for better service and knowledge came into play.

While personally exploring the world in his own 5th wheel trailer, professionally he began taking note of what he would change in the industry as a whole if ever given the opportunity. As the years passed by, he began to realize that the only way he would truly see his vision take form was to create the company he always envisioned working for as a professional, and with you, as a consumer. One of his primary goals is to provide every customer with the best service and quality tires at competitive, affordable rates.