Product Number: 179194622

$256.32(per tire)
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The strength to go the extra mile

Built For The Long Haul
Ride with a tire that gives you longevity for tough days, hard work and jobs done right.

Wear Them Well
Every hardworking driver should get where they’re going with a smooth, confident ride.

Work No Matter The Weather
Be there rain, sleet or shine with tires that help move water out of the way for enhanced braking in wet conditions.

As Tough As You Are
Engineered to give you toughness, stability and wet traction to help you get the job done.

Designed With Bio-Based Material
Incorporates innovative soybean oil technology within the tread compound to reduce petroleum use.

Tire Specifications

Measured Rim Width 6.0
Revolution per Mile 714
Approved Rim Width 6.0-7.0
Overall Diameter 29.3
Max Inflation (PSI) 83
Product # 179194622
Tread Depth 9/32
Load Index 121.0
Max Load (lbs) 3195
Load Range E (10 ply)
Speed Rating R


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