Product Number: 78390

$749.85(per tire)
$25.23 FET
FREE Road Hazard Tire Replacement Warranty | 1 Year Coverage
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Exceptional regional, all-position radial with extra-wide, extra-deep tread designed to help deliver our best wear in high scrub regional and urban applications.

Extra strong curb guards help protect sidewalls against most impacts and abrasions for long casing life.

Full-width, elastic protector ply helps protect the working plies from bruising and penetrations.

Enhanced application specific compounds to promote resistance to aggressions and longer tread life

Tire Specifications

Measured Rim Width 11.2
Approved Rim Width 7.5-8.25
Revolution per Mile 501.0
Overall Diameter 41.3
Max Inflation (PSI) 105.0
Product # 78390
Tread Depth 22/32
Load Index 144.0
Max Load (lbs) 6175.0
Load Range G (14 ply)
Speed Rating L


5 years or first 2/32” treadwear

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